The price of fertilizer obvious trend
Date: 2014-04-05 10:28:32

Spring near the end of spring preparedness near the end of the current feedback fertilizer market transactions dimming. Market turnover has not improved, the high nitrogen fertilizer is the peak in the north, urea continued to decline on the formation of a certain amount of high-impact nitrogen fertilizer. The increase in the freight rate of railways in the early days has directly caused the pressure on transport to further increase. It is reported that 45% chlorine-based compound fertilizer factory 1800 yuan ~ 1900 yuan / ton, 45% sulfur-based fertilizer factory price of 2150 yuan to 2250 yuan / ton, the price remained stable operation. On the whole, the seemingly calm market of fertilizer market, but from the cost price point of view, the price of fertilizer obvious trend, the analysis believes that the follow-up compound fertilizer or pressure down.

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