Hebei Province prohibits the filing of new projects in new industries with serious overcapacity
Date: 2017-07-24 10:25:37

Hebei Province recently issued the "Investment Project Catalogue Approved by the Hebei Provincial Government (2017 Version)" and issued a notice on related matters. For projects in industries with severe overcapacity such as steel, electrolytic aluminum, cement, flat glass, and ships, strictly implement the " "Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Resolving Serious Overcapacity Contradictions", the relevant departments of the Hebei Provincial Government and the city, county (city, district) government shall not file new capacity projects in any other name or in any way, and all relevant departments and institutions shall not handle land ( Sea areas, non-resident islands) supply, energy assessment, environmental assessment approval and new credit support and other related businesses, and work together to promote the resolution of serious overcapacity contradictions.


For coal mine projects, strictly implement the relevant requirements of the State Council, and in principle stop the approval of new coal mine projects, technical transformation projects for new production capacity, and capacity nuclear increase projects within 3 years from 2016; if new coal mines are really needed, all reductions and replacements will be implemented.

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