Domestic phenol factory price rise short-term high consolidation
Date: 2016-09-06 10:26:22

August domestic phenol rise in prices, the beginning of the domestic manufacturers average factory price of 7350.00 yuan / ton, the average end of 7560.00 yuan / ton. This month rose 2.86%, up 26.35% over last year.
Analysis and comment
Products: Domestic phenol market prices. Raw materials, pure benzene prices, high propylene market consolidation, the cost of strong support for the phenol market. Devices, the East China region affected by the G20 summit overhaul more domestic equipment, factory collective price increases, supporting industry mentality, coupled with environmental protection is still pressure, limited production still exists. Demand, affected by the G20 summit, environmental restrictions on the downstream terminal plant operating rate is low, the buyer into the market cautious orders, buy a general. As of the weekend, East China reference negotiate price 7350-7400 yuan / ton, South China market line with the rise, the reference price of 7500-7600 yuan / ton. North China market pushed up, the local factory price increases and shipments less, the downstream plant started low, lack of buying gas, dealers selling cheap, negotiate reference at 7600 yuan / ton.
Industry chain: Pure benzene market this month to discuss higher. Another upstream raw material propylene this week, a slight decline in the market, the rapid rise in the propylene market, the market profit-taking profit, this week the market began to fall finishing, combined with the downstream product prices, the market weakened buying, the current mainstream price in Shandong 7000-7100 yuan / ton near.
Market forecast

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